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Pleco Ceramic Tablets

Pleco Ceramic Tablets

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Plecoceramics Pleco tablets fast sinking and highly nutritious food for bottom-dwelling fish. Its a good choice for herbivorous plecos such as Plecostomus, Common Plecos, Bristlenoses, Ancistrus species. The essential ingredient in our food is Gammarus, which is a freshwater crustacean. Besides high protein content, Gammarus contains a lot of carotene. In turn, carotene is promotes fish growth and improves their immune system.



  • Gammarus
  • shrimp meal
  • blood worms
  • wheat meal
  • pumpkin
  • soybean
  • fish meal
  • herbal flour
  • freshwater algae
  • freshwater sponges
  • fish oil
  • potassium sorbate
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Shipping & DOA Policy

Shipping days are Monday Tuesday and Wednesday in case any delay the fish wont be stuck in traship over the weeked. All live fish will be shipped ONLY through overnight shipping.

DOA Policy: Photo or video documentation of
dead fish in original packaging within 1 hour of first delivery
attempt. No coverage to delay or damage cause by postal office. DOA
Policy covers total cost of the fish shipping not included

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