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Lemon Blue Eyes Longfin Bristlenose Pleco

Lemon Blue Eyes Longfin Bristlenose Pleco

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This variation of the common bristlenose ancistrus suckermouth catfish is a stunning gold to lemon yellow with almost wing-like fins that gracefully trail behind them as they swim around the bottom, scrounging for scraps and algae to feed on. Males will develop a mess of lemon-yellow whisker-like bristles on their face that can be stunning to some while appalling and off-putting for others.

Being a bristlenose ancistrus, these will appreciate mild temperatures between 70-85°F and a wide range of omnivorous foods, although higher protein + clean warm water and ample oxygenation will encourage more frequent spawning attempts in mature specimens. 

Unfussy with water parameters and undemanding when it comes to foods, this pleco is a great choice for people who have tanks that are under 4ft long since they seldom surpass 8 inches, with average being closer to 4-6 inches.

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    mason mcpherson
    Beautiful blue eye longfin pleco

    He was as pictured and looks awesome in the 75 with my common bristlenose